• Date of activity

  • January 28,2019
  • to
  • January 31,2019
  • The new territories of Hongkong
  • Hongkong Tai Po Civic Centre
  • 2019 the Fifth Asian International Vocal Festival

    The first Cantonese Music Festival in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau

    2019 the Fifth Asian International Vocal Festival is the international vocal Union.

    The fifth large-scale and high-level Asia Pacific region.

    A high standard of international vocal music.

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Dear singer,

      In order to integrate the music resources in the Asia-Pacific region, promote the diversified development of international vocal music exchanges, discover and explore outstanding vocal music talents, build an international vocal music exhibition platform, jointly improve the international vocal music singing standards and enhance exchanges, so as to promote the breadth and depth of vocal music cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. The Asia International Vocal Festival is sponsored by the international vocal Union and is held every two years. In 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017, the event was successfully held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Shatin Township Council Theatre in Hong Kong and the Concert Hall of the Singapore Academy of Arts. The event attracted widespread attention and praise at home and abroad, and attracted more than 2,800 opera performers, young singers, soloists and teenagers from all over the world. Children's Singers took part in competitions and performances. The Fifth Asian International Vocal Festival and the First Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District Music Festival were held in Hong Kong from January 28 to January 31, 2019. We sincerely invite you to participate in this event.

Name of the event: the Fifth Asian International Vocal Festival and the first Cantonese, Hong Kong and Macau Music Festival.

Performance time: January 28, 2019 -1 31 days

Organizer: International Vocal Union

Sponsor: China Music Foundation

Co organizer: Guo Yin Art Institute

Venue: Tai Po Civic Centre, Hongkong

International Vocal Union

October 9,2018

International Vocal Competition

  • International Vocal Competition

    Opera performers of opera houses, art troupes and brokerages; young teachers, postgraduates, college students and opera singers.

    Age: 16~44 years old

  • Chinese folk song contest

    Young singers and soloists of the troupes and brokerage agencies of the Academy of Arts and Arts; soloists; young teachers, postgraduates, college students and singers with Chinese folk songs.

    Age: 16~44 years old

  • International pop music competition

    Professional and non-professional pop singers, groups, pop bands (including singers from literary and artistic groups, teachers from universities, postgraduates, students and singers with pop solo skills).

    Age: 16~44 years old

  • InternationalChildren'sVocalCompetition

    Children's singers in kindergartens, children's groups, children's music institutes, children's palaces, music associations, children's activity centers, cultural centers, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and out-of-school art training institutions.

  • Chinesemiddleagedandelderlyvocalcompetitions

    Themiddle-agedgroup,theelderlygroup,the elderlyactivitiescenter,sportsassociations,art troupesandotherunitsofmiddle-agedandelderly singing enthusiasts.

    "Middle-aged group (45~54 years old)", "elderly group (55~65 years old)"

  • International Vocal master class

    Operaperformers,soloists,Collegeteachers, postgraduates,college students and children singers can all sign up.

International Review Committee

It is composed of internationally renowned opera artists,world renowned opera houses and highly respected singers in the industry.

Registration method

Enroll in the competition

Applicants must submit the following information: - the electronic version of the registration information is sent to the organizing committee's mailbox: vocalfestival@163.com,The title is marked "* * * entry information".

Required materials

①Fill in application form, official website(http://www.ivuhk.org)Home page download;

②Two inch standard for 2 and art for 2.;

③Pass (positive or negative) or passport to Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Macau;

④My identity card (positive and negative);

⑤Resume in English and Chinese;

⑥The highest diploma, degree certificate, or academic certificate.;

⑦Two video recording videos of recent songs;

⑧Registration fee payment voucher。

If the application materials are not clearly filled in or incomplete, the application is deemed to be invalid, and all the above application materials will not be returned. The organizing committee will keep confidential the information of the applicants and have the right to ask the applicants for additional information. Register now, closing December 31, 2018.。

Registration fee 500 yuan / person / combination;

Add "ACA-AICF" by WeChat or scan the right side of the two-dimensional code to add.;

Payment through Alipay account459192519@qq.com,Transfer must be marked "applicants name +XX Vocal Competition" registration fees are not refundable.。

Registration procedure

  • 1

    Land http://www.ivuhk.org Download the prospectus and application form

  • 2

    WeChat adds a friend "ACA-AICF", and pays the initial registration fee of 500 yuan / person after adding.

    Payment of 459192519@qq.com through Alipay account must be marked with the name of +XX.

  • 3

    Reminder: handling Hong Kong and Macao pass and effective Hong Kong and Macao endorsement

  • 4

    Prepare the following materials and send the electronic version to the organizing committee's mailbox.vocalfestival@163.com Tagging"***Participating materials"。

    ① Fill in the application form (I must sign my name).

    ② 2 inch standard and 2 art photographs.

    ③ Hong Kong and Macao pass (positive or negative) or passport to Hong Kong;

    ④ My identity card (positive and negative);

    ⑤ Resume in English and Chinese;

    ⑥ The highest diploma, degree certificate, or academic certificate.;

    ⑦ Two songs, video and video files recently selected;

    ⑧ 500 yuan registration fee payment voucher.

  • 5

    The Organizing Committee will conduct preliminary selection according to the registration materials, notify the finalists by e-mail or telephone contact before December 31, 2018, and issue an official invitation letter.

  • 6

    All finalists, steel companions, observers and escorts will be paid according to this package (A and B can choose one and enjoy preferential treatment in different periods).

    You may choose a package that includes accommodation, meals and hotel-to-venue traffic arrangements during the competition, or a package that does not include any local accommodation, meals and hotel-to-venue traffic arrangements in Hong Kong.

    Traffic arrangements between Hong Kong and Hong Kong are excluded. Participants are required to arrange transportation between Hong Kong and Hong Kong for their own steel companions, observers and escorts.

    • Payment Time/Participation in the Package (Participants, Steel Partners and Visitors are required to choose one of the Packages)
    • Before November 15th (price rise due to hotel and delay)
    • 08 days before December (price rise due to hotel and delay)
    • Before December 31st (price rise due to hotel and delay)
    • A package does not include Hongkong accommodation.
    • ¥1800
    • ¥2200
    • ¥2500
    • B package Samsung or four star hotel two bed two rooms (including room and board)
    • ¥4500
    • ¥5000
    • ¥5500
    Bank transfer

    Account Name: International Vocal union account No.:390-524221883

    Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank Wan Chai branch bank address: 200 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hongkong.

    Bank code:HASEHKHHXXX

    * Please remit the entry fee to the above "Hong Kong Dollar" account (the remitter must pay the full amount of the remittance at the current exchange rate, including all bank charges).

    Alipay transfer

    Alipay : 459192519@qq.com Alipay Name: Guo Yin Art (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

    WeChat transfer

    Wechat number : ACA-AICF

  • 7

    Photographs of transfer and payment vouchers are sent to vocalfestival@163.com with the heading "Participant Name + Final Payment Vouchers".

  • 8

    Check Hong Kong and Macau Pass and valid endorsement.

  • 9

    Confirm the final repertoire and accompaniment (pop, children, middle-aged and old people please send accompaniment music to the mailbox, annotated name)

  • 10

    Waiting for the final report, booking your own flight ticket, ticket or hotel to Hongkong.


International Vocal Union(INTERNATIONAL VOCAL UNION) Founded in 2010, the Secretariat is located in Hongkong. Non-governmental and non-profit-making organizations formed by vocal opera artists, scholars, conductors, academies, choirs and international music organizations from many countries in the world. It aims to promote music communication and communication between international vocal music. Strongly support modern vocalists and help young singers; enhance the vocal music appreciation ability of the public, especially young people; through the "World Vocal Forum" and other global and regional academic conferences, International Opera competitions, international pop music competitions, International Opera master courses, international vocal festivals, vocal top talent database A series of vocal music projects from the International Vocal Music Journal and the official website of the Federation link vocal opera artists from all over the world and encourage international cooperation.

The International Vocal Union has more than 1200 members on five continents worldwide. Its membership is divided into four categories - individuals, colleges, non-profit groups, choirs and music and art institutions, including professors, singers, opera performers, conductors, choirs and more than 10 international organizations. To date, the international vocal Union has truly become an information link center for vocal music from all over the world.。


  • Events / Awards

  • International Opera Competition
  • Chinese folk song contest
  • International pop music competition
  • International Children's Vocal Competition
  • Chinese middle aged and elderly vocal competitions
  • Champion

  • HK$20,000
  • HK$20,000
  • HK$20,000
  • HK$6,000
  • HK$6,000
  • First Runner-Up

  • HK$10,000
  • HK$10,000
  • HK$10,000
  • HK$40,00
  • HK$4,000
  • Second Runner-Up

  • HK$5,000
  • HK$5,000
  • HK$5,000
  • HK$2,000
  • HK$2,000
The gold medals, silver medals, bronze medals, awards and bonuses are sponsored by the China Music Foundation.


Preliminary competition 2018/09/26-12/31 Asia Pacific Region
Final invitation 2018/10/20-12/31 Hong Kong
Report a draw 2019/01/27 Hong Kong
Final 2019/01/28-01/30 Hongkong Tai Po Civic Centre
Final award 2019/01/31 Hongkong Tai Po Civic Centre
Playing field

The Tai Po Civic Centre was officially launched in September 1985 to provide recreational services for residents in the area. On Anbang Road in downtown Tai Po, you will find a purple Pavilion in the garden. Along the way, the pleasant Pavilion is the Tai Po Civic Center with glass doors and windows. Access to Tai Po civic centre can be carried out by MTR, bus or public light bus.